With many options available to you. Why not enlist the help you need with one of our professional staff. Our Staff will take the time to sit down and discuss any event with you one on one. This is why we have a strong customer base, and which will make your event one to remember.

For All Inquiries Contact Daniel at Customer Service Department on PH: 0400 699 045

We are available 24/7 for any emergency or We will be more than happy to take any inquiries you may have from 9am till 6pm Everyday of the week. 

Hire Department
If you have any enquiries regarding hire terms and conditions or would like to book your special event, this is the right department for you.

General Enquiries
If you require general information about products or what we do. Please contact our Enquiries help desk.

Designer Events
If you are planning a major event and dont know where to start, Why not contact one of our professional event designers to help you get started.